7 Reasons to Switch to Public Transport

Reasons to Use Public Transport
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India has a well-connected and extensive public transport network. Yet, many daily commuters prefer to use private vehicles. Everything we do at Tummoc is to achieve two things. One, make commuting via public transport simpler for those who use these modes every day. Two, to convince the ones who don’t, to give it a shot. So, here are eight reasons to switch to a public transport commute:

  1. Save money — Instead of spending thousands every month on fuel or cabs, your commute expenses can come down significantly if you switch to public transport. Not only are bus and metro fares affordable. But, there are also bus passes & metro cards available which bring down the cost further.
  2. Extra time on your hands — When you’re driving a car or riding a bike, the only thing you end up doing is stressing out about traffic. If you were to travel via public transport, you can use that time to relax, listen to music or even get some work done.
  3. Play a part in reducing traffic — Traffic in India’s metropolitan cities is a problem — that is one thing we can all agree on. If more commuters use public transport, there will be fewer private vehicles on the roads, and thus, less traffic too.
  4. The facilities are there, why not use them? — Think about it. When we have such well-connected public transport networks, why not make the most of it? If more of us use public transport, we automatically create demand for even better facilities.
  5. A public transport commute is an active commute — A public transport commute involves some amount of movement. A lot of us, especially those with corporate jobs, are prone to sedentary lifestyles. When travelling via public transport, you walk to, from and within bus stops and metro stations. Overall, you’ll be more active with a public transport commute than a private vehicle commute.
  6. It’s better for the environment — Public transport is a mode of green commuting. When you use a private vehicle to commute, you’re creating higher carbon emissions. With buses, metros and trains, you’re sharing the (already lower) carbon footprint created by that vehicle with all the other passengers.
  7. You have Tummoc! — When you have one public transport app for bus routes, metro timings and all other public transport information, what’s stopping you? Tummoc is India’s smart commute app. Not only can you find information for all public transport modes in your city, but you can also book autos and bikes for your first and last mile. Plus, we have so much more in store for Indian commuters. You won’t want to miss out on this commute app!


If you’re convinced and ready to make the switch, download Tummoc, the public transport app! We promise it’ll make it a lot easier. 

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges faced while commuting via public transport in India? Tell us in the comments — we’d love to hear from you.

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