How to Reduce Traffic in India’s Metropolitan Cities

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 If you live in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata or any of India’s metropolitan cities, then traffic is a problem you face. The TomTom traffic index 2020 shows Mumbai ranked 2nd on global charts, and Bangalore ranked 6th. TomTom is a Dutch company that brings out an annual survey on traffic congestion across the globe. The index showed Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune (in that order) as the cities with the highest traffic congestion in India. 

So, why is it that India has such high levels of traffic congestion?
Here are some reasons:

  • More people are moving to urban and metropolitan cities. 
  • Improper city planning or a large number of roadblocks/construction.
  • More commuters are switching from public transport to private vehicles.

To bring down traffic in India is not going to be an easy task. However, if we all played our part, we could make a difference. Reducing traffic congestion will make all of our lives a lot easier, right? Although there are many factors that aren’t in our control, let’s talk about what we, as commuters, can do.

Here are some things we can all do to bring down traffic in India:

  1. Use public transport — At Tummoc, encouraging the use of public transport is our primary goal. We are trying to solve whatever problems or inconveniences you may face while using public transport.

    Most Indian cities have a well-connected public transport network. This includes buses, metros and trains. If more of us shift to using public transport, that will mean fewer private vehicles on the road, and thus, reduced traffic. Download Tummoc for a simpler public transport commute!
  2. Carpooling — If you still need an alternative to public transport, we suggest carpooling. One vehicle going to a destination is much better than four vehicles going to the same destination. The best part is that it’s better for the planet too!
  3. Follow traffic rules & etiquette — This is a small step we can take to help make a big difference. You probably will see others not following rules. However, just by trying your best to do so might end up saving time.

    Often, traffic jams just get worse because one person is trying to save a couple of seconds, costing themselves and others several minutes. If you’re at a signal, wait till it’s green to move. If you see someone turning, let them do so before moving ahead and adding to the confusion. And also hope that by following traffic etiquette, you could maybe create a ripple effect.
  4. Cycling — Cycling either for part of or the entire way of your commute is a great way to avoid adding to traffic. If this is an option for you, you can get in a workout and commute all at once! You could ride your bike to your nearest metro station and then take the metro the rest of the way. Or if you stay near work, cycle all the way!

Let’s all try to make our lives easier by reducing traffic in our cities, a little bit at a time. 

Tummoc uses technology to solve commute problems in India. We are introducing new features regularly to make your lives simpler.

Tell us what features you’d like to see on Tummoc for a smarter commute!


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