Taking the Bus to Work? Follow These Pro Tips!

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Do you use buses to get to work every day? That’s great! It’s economical and great for the environment too! Although we understand that it may not be the smoothest option. We, at Tummoc, strive to make your daily commute easier. Here are some tips to make your bus commute smoother:

  1. Find the right route for you: The most straightforward route isn’t always the quickest. Use the Tummoc app to find all your bus commute options. Since you’re travelling to the same destination every day, we recommend trying out different commute options till you find the right one. On days when traffic is exceptionally more, it’s best to know which is the next best route for you.
  2. Get yourself a bus pass: With a bus pass, you can save even more money on your daily commute. Plus, you save yourself the hassle of buying a ticket every day and looking for loose change, etc.
  3. Know the local language:  Whichever city you live in, gaining a basic understanding of the local language can do wonders. Communicating with fellow commuters, asking questions, buying tickets — everything gets easier.
  4. Use your commute time: If you have a long journey from home to work, find something to do while commuting. From listening to podcasts to learning new skills to even responding to emails — there’s a lot you can get done!
  5. #TummocIt: With Tummoc, you can find all the information you need about public transport modes in your city. Plus, you can also plan your commute from start to finish. The Plan My Trip feature allows you to find the best options using a combination of different modes. Using Tummoc, you can cut down on the time you spend waiting at bus stands and have a smoother commute overall.

Other than that, wearing comfortable footwear will go a long way. And if you have the choice, avoid peak hours! Doing so can cut down your commute time significantly.  

We hope these quick tips help you simplify your commute, at least a little. Team Tummoc is working towards creating a smarter commute for you every day — stay tuned!

Do you have other tips for fellow commuters? Drop them in the comments below!

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