An Open Letter to The Commuters of India

Public Transport in India: Tummoc App
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When we first started Tummoc (then Bykerr), the idea ignited from an observation. We saw so many commuters moving away from public transport in India. We saw the need for the buses, metros and suburban railways to be more accessible to students and working professionals. We had a dream to change the way India commutes. 

Today, that dream has become a reality. Every time we cross a milestone, we feel this indescribable joy. Be it our user base increasing or getting our first patent (Yes, that happened!) or even our team growing. 

Speaking of milestones, Tummoc is almost 200,000 users strong now. All our efforts, hard work, all-nighters, challenges — everything feels completely worth it when we realise that 200,000 Indian commuters have used our app. 

These milestones also push us to keep going. We have a long way to go for our dream to go from reality to a revolution. 

We are so incredibly grateful to each of our Tummocers for trying out a new way to commute. We want you to know that you are the ones who made it all possible. Right from day one, you have been our priority. 

We have been through the struggle of a long commute to college or work. We understand how it feels to be exhausted before even getting to work. We, too, have spent our fair share of time waiting for buses in Bangalore or suburban trains in Mumbai. We want you to know that we understand your struggle and want to make it easier for you. That is what we are working towards every day. 

Irrespective of where you come from and what your budget is, we want you to be able to access an easy and hassle-free commute. Whoever you are, we value your time. Instead of waking up every day worrying about whether you’re going to be late to work or college, you can use our commute planner and breathe easy. Tummoc brings you the best of public transport in India combined with easy access to autos and bikes. You can sit back and leave your commute to us. 

When a new member joins our team, we tell them that this is not just a job. We tell them that they are making a difference. Everything they do is ultimately going to make a difference to Indian commuters. Everyone working on Tummoc behind the scenes shares our motivation and desire to create a change. 

Tummoc is not our app. Tummoc is your app. And we will do what it takes to make it everything you need and want from a transit app. 

Thank you for believing in us and supporting us.

Forever grateful,

Team Tummoc

If there are any features that you’d like to see on Tummoc, let us know in the comments!

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