5 Ways to Save Time on Your Daily Commute

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No one likes to spend hours commuting every day. If you stay far from your workplace or you live in a busy area, it’s inevitable. When you travel via public transport, you do save money. You’re also doing your part for the environment. However, very often you end up losing a lot of time waiting at bus or metro stations. Today, we’re going to give you five great tips on saving time on your daily commute:

  1. Plan ahead — Check public transport timings and routes beforehand. Cut down on the time you spend waiting at bus stands & metro stations. You can also figure out your entire route, and keep other options ready. Reduce the commute time that doesn’t go into actually commuting. The best part is that you can do all of the above on Tummoc.

    Happy commuting with Tummoc

    #TummocIt for a happy commute 🙂


  2. Avoid peak hours — Let’s say you have to reach work by 10 am and it takes you an hour to commute. If you leave home at 8.30 instead of 9, you can avoid a lot of the time that you would otherwise spend in traffic. Either leave earlier or later — whichever works for you. You can cut down on the time you spend stuck in traffic during peak hours.(P.S. Please pardon the *not-so-mild* exaggeration in the image below)
    Commuting during peak hours vs lean hours Tummoc

  3. Make the most of your commute — Saving time in any way is earning time. You’re not always going to be able to cut down on your commute time. However, you can still save time by getting things done during your commute. Whether it’s going through your mails, or doing research, or making calls.
    Work while commuting

    #GetThingsDone while commuting!



  4. Find alternative routes — Keep Plan-B ready! What if the bus you’re supposed to take breaks down? There has to be an alternative. If you don’t know one, then you’re going to lose even more time finding one. Instead, keep Tummoc handy and know your options.
    In another scenario, the most straightforward route may not be the quickest one. It could be the busiest, or maybe there’s road work going on. Either way, if you know the alternatives, you’re living the best commuter life!

    Always have a plan b

    Always have Plan B ready!



  5. Optimize your commute — As we just mentioned, the route that seems the most straightforward may not be the fastest. You may think that taking a single bus to work is the smartest commute. However, what if you could take two buses and a metro and get there in half the time? Depending on your starting & ending points, the smartest route might involve one or more modes. All you have to do is head to Tummoc to find out!

    Use different modes of commuting with Tummoc

    Try using multiple modes of transport for your daily commute!

We hope these simple tips help reduce your commute time.

Happy Tummocing 🙂

What other tips do you have for saving time while commuting? Tell us in the comments. 




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