Now, BMTC Monthly Passes are Flexi!

BMTC Monthly Pass - Flexi
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BMTC monthly bus passes are great because they allow you to save significantly on your daily commute. One major challenge was waiting in a queue to get your pass. With Tummoc, that isn’t a problem anymore! Now, the only other issue that people face is when they don’t buy their passes in time to maximize their benefits.

Previously, if you bought your pass BMTC monthly bus pass online on the 11th of June, you could only enjoy pass benefits till the 30th of June. Validity went as per the calendar month, irrespective of when you bought it. 

Aaaand, guess what? We’ve got a solution for that too!


With the Flexi pass, it doesn’t matter if you buy your pass at the beginning, middle or end of the month. Say if you buy it on the 9th of one month. You can use it all the way till the 8th of the following month! If that isn’t flexibility and convenience, what is? 

BMTC Monthly Pass - Flexi


So, how does it work?

If you’ve booked a BMTC monthly bus pass online on Tummoc before, then you don’t have to worry one bit. The process remains the same. All monthly passes are now Flexi. 

Never booked a #TummocBMTCPass before? What are you waiting for? Download Tummoc, and follow this process! Just make sure to choose monthly passes because only those are FLEXI.

BMTC Monthly Pass - Flexi

What have we always told you? Everything we do, we do for YOU, the commuters of India. Trust us when we say we have so much more in store for you. The smart commute revolution has only just begun.

You can also use Tummoc to buy your BMTC daily pass online or find BMTC monthly pass fares, and more. 

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