Namma Metro Smart Cards: Everything You Need to Know

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Do you use the Bangalore Metro on a regular basis? Or are you thinking of using the metro for your daily commute? Then you have to get a Metro Travel Card!

With Tummoc, getting to or from your nearest metro station is easy. We also help you with planning your entire commute. Getting a Metro Travel Card is just the cherry on top for a smooth commute!

You can use your Metro Travel Card or Smart Card on the purple as well as the green line of the Bangalore metro. The idea is to save you the trouble of waiting in line at ticket counters. All you have to do is tap on the scanners with your metro card and remember to recharge it when needed. The Metro Travel Card also gives you a discount of 5% on your metro fare.

Where can you get these Metro Smart Cards?

You can get yourself a Metro Travel Card at the ticket counters at any of Bangalore’s metro stations. When you get a new card, you have to pay Rs 50 as a nominal charge for it. This is the fee you pay for the card itself. 

You will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 50 at all times. You won’t be able to travel on the metro if your card has a balance of less than Rs 50.

An important thing to remember is to use your card at least once within 7 days of getting the new card. Once you do that, the balance is valid for a period of 10 years

How can you recharge your Metro Travel Card?

Once you have your card, you can choose to recharge it in person at the metro stations or you can also do it online. You can recharge your card for multiples of Rs 50. The maximum amount varies for different platforms. 

At metro stations, you can recharge at the ticket counters or at the ticket vending kiosks. You can pay via cash, card and UPI. 

If you’d like to skip the queue entirely, then recharge online! On Paytm, you can recharge your card for multiples of Rs 50 up to Rs 1000. You can also recharge for up to Rs 500 on the Karnataka Mobile One App (Available for Android and iOS).

BMRCL (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited) has also tied-up with ICICI Bank and Federal Bank. If you bank with either of these banks, get in touch with your bank to find out more!

And that’s how simple it is to get a Metro Travel Card! You should definitely get one if you’re a regular commuter on the Bangalore Metro. Another thing you should definitely do is download the Tummoc app (Available on Android & iOS). Then, you can sit back and leave your commute troubles in the past!

What else do you think Bangalore needs to make daily commutes simpler? Let us know in the comments!

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