What Is First & Last Mile Connectivity? Why Do We Need It?

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In busy Indian cities, getting around can be challenging. We deal with problems like traffic congestion, pollution, and the constant struggle to find convenient transport options. 

When it comes to using public transport, we have some widespread networks that are used by millions every day. However, an issue that many public transport commuters face is the challenge of first and last-mile connectivity. 

What is First and Last-Mile Connectivity? 

First and last-mile connectivity refers to the challenge of reaching public transport stations, such as bus stops, metro stations, or train stations, right from one’s source and then from the station to their final destination. It represents the critical links that bridge the gap between one’s home or office and the public transportation network.

Why is First and Last-Mile Connectivity Important?

First and last-mile connectivity holds immense importance, especially in India. Let’s dive into some of these reasons:

  1. Population and Traffic Congestion: There’s no denying that the population levels in Indian cities are high. This leads to traffic congestion and limited space for parking of private vehicles. If a large section of the population switches to public transport, this can improve these issues. And to make public transport more accessible, first and last-mile connectivity is crucial. 
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Public transport is more affordable than private vehicles. When first and last-mile connectivity is looked after, people can choose a budget-friendly option that also offers convenience. 
  3. Easy-to-Access for Everyone: When public transport stations are more accessible for everyone, that means public transport as a service itself is more accessible. It allows public transport to be more inclusive to people living more than walking distance from public transport stations. It allows people to finish the last leg of their journey with ease even if buses, metros, etc. don’t reach their final destination. 

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