Tummoc’s COVID — 19 response

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Owing to the COVID — 19 situation our services are restricted in some areas in accordance with government guidelines.

As we start this journey, user and driver safety is our top priority.

Here is what we are doing to ensure your safety every time you commute using Tummoc:

1. Ventilation is key to reduce airborne transmission. This is why we have decided to start operations only on open modes like Autos and bikes. As the risk of transmission goes down we shall introduce other modes like cabs and shared vehicles

2. Physical distancing is your biggest weapon. Thus, Tummoc rides shall be restricted to one user per ride (or two users who share the same living space)

3. Personal protection is your shield. All our driver partners are sensitized about the need and equipped with protection gear like masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. We urge you to do the same and wear a mask all the time and gloves while commuting in any mode

4. All our vehicles are regularly sanitized to minimize the chances of any transmission

5. Our driver partners regularly undergo temperature checks

6. We request you to cancel your ride if you find the driver not wearing protective gear or find the ride not hygienic. Please report such issues to us and we will do our best to ensure it does not repeat

7. Most importantly, we strongly recommend seeking medical help the moment you show any flu like symptoms. Our driver partners are checked everyday for any such symptoms

We request you to follow the guidelines and best practices issued by the government every time you commute across the city. Travel only if utterly necessary. Together we can overcome this pandemic like we have so many others in the past

For further updates please visit us at tummoc.com and our social media pages

Write to us at support@tummoc.com

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