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New feature! Enter any destination easily with what3words

To give you a smoother navigation experience, we are excited to announce that we have added what3words to our app.

Street addresses can be inaccurate and often don’t lead you to the right place — especially in rural areas. In addition, pins drop in the centre of buildings or large areas. It means that when you’re navigating to a place with multiple entrances like a shopping mall, stadium or metro station, it can be tricky to find exactly where you need to be.

This is why we’re using what3words. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words. For example, if you’re meeting a friend at the Glass House in Lalbagh Botanical Garden you can tell them to meet you at ///nips.treat.grace and they’ll know at exactly which entrance to meet you.


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Now you can plan journeys to precise locations by entering three simple words — whether that’s booking a ride to the metro station, or hopping on a bus across town.

Learn how to find a what3words address here.

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