Telugu Words & Phrases Every Commuter in Hyderabad Needs to Know

Basic Telugu Words & Phrases
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In a poll we recently conducted on LinkedIn, we found out that the toughest thing people find about moving to a new city is finding their way around. After that, it’s adjusting to cultural differences and language barriers. 

Well, when it comes to finding your way around, just #TummocIt! Cultural differences are something you can learn from and you’ll get accustomed to in no time. As for the language barrier, we’ve put together a quick Telugu for Beginners guide below! 

Telugu 101 

Here are some basic Telugu words and phrases that will make your life easier:

Hello –  Namaskārām

How are you? – Neevu ela unnaavu?, Meeru ela unnaru? (with respect)

I’m fine – Nenu kshemamgaa unnaanu 

I –  Nenu

Me – Naaku

You – Nuvvu, meeru (with respect)

Yes – Avunu

No – Ledhu

Come – Ra, Rundi (with respect)

Go – Vellu, vellandi (with respect)

Here – Ikkada

There – Akkada

Far – Dhooramu

Near – Dhaggara

Today – Ee roju

Tomorrow – Repu

Yesterday –  Ninna

Thank you – Dandalu (slang), Krithagnathalu (formal)

Home –  Illu

This – Idhi

That –  Adhi

What? – Emi?/Enti?

When? – Eppudu?

Where? – Ekkada?

How? – Ela?

Why? – Endhuku?

How much? – Entha?

What is the time? – Time entha? 

I don’t speak Telugu – Naku Telugu radhu

I don’t understand Telugu – Nagu Telugu artham kaadhu

Telugu Phrases for Commuters

Where does this train/bus go? – Ee bus/train ekkadiki veltundi?

What time does this train/bus leave/go? – Ee bus/train ae samayaniki veltundi? Or Ee train eppudu bayaluderuthundhi?

Does this bus/metro stop at <location>? Ee bus <location> lo agutunda? 

Where is the ticket counter? – Ticket counter ekkada undhi?

Where is platform no. / bus no. <>? – Platform/bus no. <> ekkada undhi?

What are you waiting for? Start practising your Telugu now. The more you practise, the better. Additionally, start watching Telugu films and videos too. It’ll help you pick up the language quicker. 

And don’t worry about getting around. Focus on the language, and as your friendly neighbourhood public transport app, we’ll look after your commute. Tummoc is a commute transport app that offers accurate information, easy ticketing and an easy trip planner. Download now! 


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