Tamil for Beginners: Commuter Edition

Tamil for Beginners: Commuter Edition
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It’s time for another language guide for commuters! 

If you live in Tamil Nadu but don’t speak the language, this blog can teach you some basic words and phrases to get started. After all, knowing the local language is half the experience of a new place. 

Tamil 101

Here are some basic Tamil words and phrases that will make your life easier:

Hello –  Vanakkam

How are you? – Epdi irukeenga? (with respect)

I’m fine – Naan nalla irukken ! 

Me/I – Enaku / naan

You – Neenga (with respect) 

Yes – Seri

No – Illa

Come – Vaanga (with respect)

Go – Ponga (with respect)

Here – Inga

There – Anga

Far – Dhooram

Near – Pakkam/kitta

Today – Inniki

Tomorrow – Naaliki

Yesterday –  Nethu

Thank you – Nandri

Home –  Veedu

This – Idhu

That –  Adhu

What? – Enna?

When? – Eppo?

Where? – Enga?

How? – Epdi?

Why? – Yen / Edhukku?

How much? –  Yevlo?

What is the time? – Time enna? / Mani enna? 

I don’t understand Tamil – Enakku Tamil theriyadhu/ Enakku Tamil puriyadhu

Tamil Phrases for Commuters

Where does this train/bus go? – Indha train/bus enga poguthu?

What time does this train/bus leave/go? – Indha train/bus ethana manikki/ eppo kelambum?

Does this bus/metro stop at <location>? – Indha bus/metro <location> la nikkuma? 

Where is the ticket counter? – Ticket counter enga irukku?

Where is platform no. / bus no. <>? – Platform/bus no. <> enga irukku?

Once you’ve mastered these words and phrases, you should start watching Tamil films and videos to improve your skills further. These will give you a good headstart to being a pro. Just keep practicing, and focus on conversing—leave your commute to us. Start Tummocing now to join the #SmartCommute revolution 👉🏽 https://bit.ly/3l3z9U1

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