Kannada Words & Phrases Every Commuter in Bangalore Needs to Know

Kannada Words & Phrases Every Commuter in Bangalore Needs to Know
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Just moved to Namma Bengaluru and can’t speak Kannada yet? Knowing the local language is important. Even if you can’t speak fluently, you should learn the basics. That’s why we put together a list of Kannada words and phrases for you:

Kannada 101

Let’s start with Kannada basics that everyone who lives in Bangalore should know:

Namaskara – Hello
Naanu – Me
Nanna/Namma – My/Mine
Neevu/Neenu – You (With respect/without respect)
Nimma – Yours
Haudu – Yes
Illa – No
Yenu – What
Yelli/Yellige – Where
Yaaru – Who
Yaake – Why?
Yeshtu – How much?
Ee/Idhu – This
Aa/Adhu – That
Kodu/Kodi – Give/give it
Banni – Come
Hogu/Horadu – Go
Baruthe – I know/ I understand
Swalpa – Little/slightly
Jaasti – Too much/more
Kelsa – Work
Madi – Do
Dhanyawada – Thank you
Beku – Want
Beda – Don’t want
Kannada Baralla/Gottila – I don’t know/speak/understand Kannada

Kannada for Commuters

Here are some phrases for beginner Kannada speakers that will come in handy when commuting in Bengaluru:

  1. Ee train/bus yelli hoguthe? – Where does this train/bus go?
    Ask fellow commuters or bus/metro staff this question to find the vehicle that’s heading to your destination. 
  2. Ee train/bus yeshtu hothige hoguthe? – What time does this train/bus leave/go?
    Find out when a bus/train is scheduled to leave. 
  3. <Location> stop idaya? – Is there a stop at <location>?
    For e.g., MG road stop idaya?
    Use this if you need to know if a bus/metro stops at a specific location.
  4. Bus number yenu? – What is the bus number?
    You can ask this question if you need to know the route number of a specific BMTC bus. 
  5. Ticket counter yellide? – Where is the ticket counter?
    When you’re unfamiliar with the layout of metro stations and bus stops, ask this to find out where the ticket counter is. You can also replace ‘ticket counter’ with ‘platform’, ‘bus no. ___’, exit, etc. 
  6. Naanu meter rate kodthini – I will pay by the meter.
    This one will come to your rescue when catching an auto in Bangalore. The other alternative is to book an auto on Tummoc, thanks to our collaboration with Rapido!

We hope this makes commuting in Bangalore easier. In addition to brushing up your Kannada, downloading the Tummoc app will also make for a smoother commute. With an easy commute planner, accurate bus and metro timings/routes, and real-time tracking, travelling around Bangalore will be as easy as 1-2-3!

How else can we make your commute simple? Let us know in the comments!

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