How to Travel to Bengaluru Airport?

How to Travel to Bengaluru Airport
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Heading to Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL)? Well, if you’re from the city or have been to the airport before, then you know how long a journey it is. Travelling to the Bengaluru airport is often compared to travelling to another city. 

So, what’s the best way of reaching the Bengaluru airport? There are plenty of options to choose from! The best option depends on whether you’re looking for the cheapest option, fastest option, etc.

What is the best mode of transport to reach the Bengaluru airport?

Airport Buses: BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) operates air-conditioned Vayu Vajra buses connecting the airport to various locations across the city. These buses are a budget-friendly option and run at regular intervals, providing a comfortable ride with designated drop-off points. You can find the bus stops, timings and fares on Tummoc.

If you frequently travel to the airport or your regular destination lies on the airport route, you can check out the BMTC Vayu Vajra Gold pass on Tummoc. That way you can save a lot of money on a monthly basis. 

Taxis – If buses are not preferable for you, or if you’re in a hurry to reach the Kempegowda International Airport, then you should book a taxi. You can head to the Tummoc app and book a taxi without needing to step out of your house. 

The best part is you can do everything from finding bus information, booking your BMTC bus passes, booking your taxi and more — all on Tummoc. 

Ultimately, if you’re heading anywhere in Bengaluru, just check Tummoc.

If you aren’t already using Tummoc, join the smart commute revolution and download it here! 

Happy commuting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are BMTC Vayu Vajra Airport Buses a reliable option to reach the airport? 

Yes, BMTC operates air-conditioned Vayu Vajra buses to and from the airport and various parts of the city. These buses are a budget-friendly and comfortable option with designated drop-off points. They run at regular intervals, making them a reliable choice. You can check BMTC bus timings and routes on Tummoc.

What is Tummoc’s Vayu Vajra Gold pass, and how can it benefit frequent travellers to the airport?

Tummoc’s Vayu Vajra Gold pass is a monthly BMTC bus pass that allows seamless commuting on the airport route. This pass can be used for all buses both AC and non-AC except for Bengaluru Rounds and Special Services. This is beneficial for those who travel regularly to the airport or towards the airport. The beauty is that it can be used for all their bus travel other than that as well.

What is the cheapest way to reach Bangalore City from the airport?

The cheapest way to travel to or from the Bengaluru airport is using the BMTC Vayu Vajra Airport buses. Please check bus timings and routes on the Tummoc app. 

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