Hindi for Beginners: Commuter Edition

Hindi for beginners
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Visiting/just moved to a city that mostly uses Hindi to communicate? And you don’t speak the language? You’ve come to the right place. This blog will help you with the basics and teach you some basic phrases for when you’re moving around. 

Hindi 101 

Let’s cover the basics first:

Hello –  Namaste

How are you? – Tum kaise ho? (without respect)

How are you? – Aap kaise ho? (with respect)

I’m fine – Main theek hoon! 

I –  Me

Me – Main

You – Tum (without respect)

You – Aap (with respect)

Yes – Haan

No – Nahi

Come – Yaha aao (without respect)

Come – Yaha aaiye (with respect)

Go – Chale jao (without respect)

Go – Chale jaiye (with respect)

Here – Yaha

There – Waha

Far – Door

Near – Paas

Today – Aaj

Tomorrow – Kal

Yesterday –  Kal

Thank you – Dhanyavad

Home –  Ghar

This – Yeh

That –  Woh

What? – Kya?

When? – Kab?

Where? – Kaha?

How? – Kaise?

Why? – Kyun?

How much? –  Kitna hua? / Kitne ka hai?

What is the time? – Kya time hua hai? / Kya samey hua hai? 

I don’t speak Hindi – Main Hindi nahi bolta hoon (He)/ Main Hindi nahi bolti hoon (She)

I don’t understand Hindi – Mujhe Hindi nahi aati hai

Hindi Phrases for Commuters

Where does this train/bus go? – Yeh train/bus kaha jatti hai?

What time does this train/bus leave/go? – Yeh train/bus kab nikalegi?

Does this bus/metro stop at <location>? Kya yeh bus/metro <location> par rukti hai? 

Where is the ticket counter? – Ticket counter kaha par hai?

Where is platform/bus no. <>? – Platform/bus no. <> kaha par hai?

As they say, practice makes perfect. Keep practising the above words and phrases, and over time you’ll pick up more Hindi too. You can also watch Hindi films/television shows and start conversations with anyone you know who speaks the language well. 

When you’re commuting, you can simply focus on speaking Hindi and leave the rest to us. Use Tummoc to find the best routes to move around and enjoy easy first and last-mile connectivity. Download the app here

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