Celebrating One Lakh Tummocers: Running from Milestone to Milestone!

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Exciting times at Tummoc! Two short months ago, we announced to you that we hit 50K users. Now, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve crossed 100K users.  As we cross yet another milestone, we’d like to give you a quick update on all that’s happened at Tummoc in the last two months. And give you a sneak peek into some exciting stuff that’s coming soon too!

1. We’ve completed the seed round of investment! We’re grateful to all our investors for putting their faith in us. Now, we’re on to the next round — Series A funding!

2. Very (very) soon, you’ll be able to book Uber cabs & autos through Tummoc! Don’t we say commuting has never been easier? Well, that becomes more true every day. 

3. Hyderabad & Delhi, Tummoc is coming to your cities! We’re going to be up & running in these two cities very soon. 

4. We’ve got a new look! With a new logo, new brand colours, new mascot — we’re all set to take India’s commuters by storm! Stay tuned to see the big reveal.

And there’s more — so much more! But that’s all we’re telling you right now. 

To all our current & future Tummocers, we know the challenges of the daily commute in India. We’ve got your backs. We promise to continue to work hard every day to give you a better Tummoc. 

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As a commuter, what features would you like Tummoc to have? Let us know below!

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