Bengali Words & Phrases Every Commuter in Kolkata Needs to Know

Bengali Words & Phrases Every Commuter in Kolkata Needs to Know
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Are you new to Kolkata? Moving to a new city can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. When you’re living in a new city, neither do you know how to get around, nor do you speak the language. Well, Chiyaa can help you get around Kolkata — easy-peasy! And if you don’t speak Bangla, we’ll help you get started!😊

Bengali 101 

Here are some basic Bengali words and phrases that will make your life easier:

Hello Nomoskar
Bye – Tata
How are you? Kemon achen
Me – Ami
You –Apni
Yes – Haa
No – Na
Come – Aso
Go – Jao
Today – Aaj
Tomorrow – Agami kaal
Yesterday – Goto kaal
Thank you – Dhanyavaad
This – Eta
That – Oita
What? – Ki?
When? – Kokhon?
Where? – Kothay?
How? – Kibhabe?
Why? – Keno?
How much? –Koto?
What is the time? Kota bajche?
I don’t speak Bengali – Ami bangla bolteh parina
I don’t understand Bengali – Aar bangla bujhi na

Bengali Phrases for Commuters

Here are some phrases for beginner Bengali speakers that you can use while commuting in Kolkata:

Where does this train/bus go? Eai (pronounced like ‘ae’) train/ bus ta kothay jabe?
What time does this train/bus leave/go? Eai train/ bus ta kokhon charbe?
Does this bus/metro stop at <location>? Eai bus/ metro ta ki location e thambe?
Where is the ticket counter? Ticket counter ta kothay?
How much would it cost? Eta koto khorcha hobe?
Where can I find platform no. / bus no. <> Kothay ami platform no <> / bus no <> pabo?

Once you start using these basic Bengali words and phrases, you’ll automatically pick up more too. To speed up your learning, watch Bengali films, shows and news, and practice speaking with your Bengali-speaking colleagues and friends.

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