Introducing the First-of-its-Kind All-in-One Ticket: What is it? How to Book?

Tummoc All-in-One Single Ticket in Delhi
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What if we tell you you just need one ticket to travel within Delhi?
Yes, you heard that right! With just one ticket, you will be able to travel anywhere in Delhi, and there’s no more hassle of standing in queues.
With just 1 ticket, you can take direct rides and metro rides!

So, what is this “All-in-One Ticket”?

The All-in-One Ticket is a revolutionary feature introduced by Tummoc. It’s a comprehensive digital solution designed to simplify and enhance the daily travel experience. This single ticket seamlessly integrates multiple modes of transit including first and last-mile connectivity. With just one ticket, users can access a variety of travel modes, including direct rides and metro routes, providing unprecedented convenience and flexibility.

This revolutionary feature has first been launched in Delhi by Tummoc in collaboration with the Delhi Transport Department, Delhi Transport Corporation, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and World Resources Institute India.

STAMP is an initiative led by Toyota Mobility Foundation and WRI India to promote better multimodal integration of metro rail, with other modes of transportation in Indian cities, through a partnership model with the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the STAMP Challenge for Delhi in 2022, Tummoc was a winning team, out of 70 teams, allowing them to build this solution for Delhi.

Delhi is just the beginning of Tummoc’s vision to transform urban commuting across India. We’re actively working on introducing innovative features like the All-in-One Ticket in cities nationwide, aiming to create a standardized, seamless transit experience for users. Our commitment extends to every corner of the country, and we aspire to integrate advanced transit solutions in cities of all sizes. Tummoc envisions a future where commuters from various regions can enjoy the benefits of a unified and tech-driven transportation system, contributing to the overall growth of smart and connected cities in India.

How to Book Your All-In-One Ticket on Tummoc:

1. From the home screen, tap on the ‘All in One’ tab.
2. Enter ‘To’ and ‘From’ locations, and allow the app to choose the best route for you.
3. Click ‘Show Me Routes’ to discover various travel modes.
4. Now, choose your preferred route, and select individual, direct rides or metro routes. Click ‘Book’ on the checkout page, and click on ‘Ticket’ to proceed.
5. Pay with your Tummoc Money balance, UPI, or cards and then Click ‘Checkout’.
6. After successful payment, your booking is confirmed. Track or cancel direct rides as needed.
7. You can scan the QR for your metro tickets at the entrance and exit gates

So yes, with just a few taps, you can experience hassle-free transit with Tummoc’s All-in-One Ticket feature.

Watch the English video tutorial here and the Hindi video tutorial here

Frequently Asked Questions: All-in-One Ticket

  1. What does the All-in-One Ticket include?
    The All-in-One Ticket currently includes D
  2. How do I pay for my All-in-One Ticket?
    You can pay with your Tummoc Money, UPI, or cards during the checkout process.
  3. Can I cancel my direct ride after booking?
    Yes, you can track or cancel your direct ride as needed after successful booking.
  4. Are DTC tickets included in the All-in-One Ticket feature?
    As of now, DTC tickets are not included, but we plan to launch this feature soon.
  5. How do I enter the metro using the QR code?
    After successful booking, scan the QR code provided on the app at the metro entrance and exit gates.

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