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5 Things to Do in Kammanahalli
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Kammanahalli, or “Kammanahattan” as some call it has become quite the spot to hang out. It’s no longer the quiet neighbourhood on the outskirts it once used to be. It’s pretty self-sufficient — there’s nothing you can’t find here. Kammanhalli has so much to do, and it’s just around the corner from Tummoc’s headquarters. That’s why we’ve gone one step ahead from just giving you five things to do. We’re giving you all our recommendations across five categories of things to do: 

  1. Grab a cuppa: There are plenty of cafés in the area for you to check out. There’s a Starbucks if that’s your cup of coffee. Two of Bangalore’s favourite cafés, Third Wave Coffee and Glen’s Bake House are also in Kammanahalli now. You could even head to Sendhoor Coffee for a quick filter coffee and maybe a snack.

    If you’re looking for a quiet, cosy place to read a book or catch up with an old friend, try The Roastery or Writer’s CafeCake House — Story Cafe is a quaint little Korean café we love. And there’s also Mugful of Stories that has delicious churros and mug cakes.And we can’t miss out on Giselle Resto Cafe which wins the ambience game. It’s our top recommendation for when you’re feeling like a continental or American breakfast. More of a chai person? Don’t worry, there are branches of both Chaayos and Chai Point in Kammanahalli. Plus, you’ll come across plenty of little chai shops along the way.

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  2. Artville Café: Yes, this one’s a café too. But, since it’s so much more, we felt like it deserved to be mentioned separately. Here, you can enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee with a side of art all around you. Here, you can purchase pieces as well as study different forms of art yourself! They have Artville Academy where you can learn how to unleash your inner Picasso.

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  3. Get moving!: There are plenty of dance studios, gyms and even parks in the area. Xavier’s Dance Studio runs classes for different forms of dance. You can check out Stepperz, Attitude Dance Academy and Melange Academy as well.  Just a little outside of Kammanahalli, you’ll also find Break Brahma, a hip-hop and yoga studio that hosts fun events now and then.

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  4. Eat, eat, eat!: There’s something that Kammanahalli couldn’t have more of. And that’s places to eat. Looking for street food? Go to CMR Road or Kammanahalli Main Road and walk around. Along the way, you’ll find momo stalls, chaat shops and a lot more. Al Amanah Cafe is known across the city for its iconic rolls.BYLI, Connie’s Restaurant & Steakhouse, Cafe Pink Pajamas, Cafe Azzure and Arirang Korean Restaurant are some unique and popular restaurants here. For Chinese food, we recommend either Chung Wah, Peking Orient or Mainland China. If you’re looking for fast food, Kammanahalli has it all. McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell — all walking distance from each other — right on Kammanahalli Main Road. Popeye’s also recently opened a branch here.If you’re in the mood for Kebabs or Biryani, there’s Kebab Corner and Regency Park which have been around for years. Other Bangalore classics like Empire and Savoury also have branches here.You have to go to Bangalore’s favourite ice cream parlour, Corner House. Get yourself a nice Hot Chocolate Fudge, or Chocolate Malt Thick Shake. In the evenings, you’ll also find a couple of food trucks parked across the road from there.For breakfast, you must try The Filter Coffee. Other than great filter coffee, they have delicious idlis, dosas, and even meals at lunchtime. For certain festivals, they also offer a special festival lunch. If you’re going on a Sunday, be prepared to wait because this place is popular!

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  5. Pubs, bars & microbreweries: We have to start with Wanderer’s, a microbrewery just off the ring road. It’s a Team Tummoc favourite. Head straight for the rooftop to enjoy the pleasant Bangalore weather along with great company and your drink of choice. The Local is a popular haunt with a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and great music too. They also have something happening every weekday, from stand-up comedy to Karaoke. Brewklyn Microbrewery is known for its brews and pizza, so you know what you need to order. Sherlock’s Pub is a branch of an old Bangalore haunt that again has good music and a peaceful atmosphere. All great places to hang out after a long day at work or to spend time with friends 🙂

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There’s always something new happening in Kammanahattan — it’s impossible to do justice in one blog. So, explore the area for yourself, and let us know what you find. Tell us your recommendations in the comments 🙂

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