Things to Do in Jayanagar
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If you’re in and around Bengaluru’s Jayanagar and have some time to kill, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick guide on five things you can do in Jayanagar: 

  1. Lalbagh — If you’d like some peace and quiet, then this green haven is perfect. With thousands of species of plants, plenty of trees to sit under, and a guaranteed breath of fresh air — you won’t be disappointed. Go for a walk, sit on a bench with a book, or check out the greenhouse.
  2. Go shopping! — Head to the Jayanagar BDA complex for some pocket-friendly shopping. From traditional to trendy fashion, plenty of footwear, books, and even groceries — this experience will give you major commercial street vibes!
  3. Hari Super Sandwich — If you’re even slightly hungry, head over to Hari Super Sandwich and get yourself a chilly cheese toast, potato twister, American sweet corn sandwich, or even a chocolate sandwich. Loved by Bangaloreans far and near, you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a visit. Did we mention that no matter how much you eat here, your wallet will still love you?
  4. The Rain Water Harvesting Theme Park – That’s right! Jayanagar houses the Sir M.Visvesvaraya Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park. Here, you can learn about 26 different rainwater harvesting models. This park is serene and picture-perfect. It’s an interesting way to spend a couple of hours, especially if you have a curious mind.
  5. Eat to your heart’s content — If you’re famished and sandwiches just won’t cut it, we have two recommendations for you. Delicious dosas and soft idlis on your mind? Taaza Thindi is an iconic South Indian vegetarian restaurant well known for its soft idlis. Don’t miss out on the filter coffee too! Taaza Thindi is open only in the mornings and evenings, so keep that in mind. If you’re a non-vegetarian, you must visit Ranganna Military Hotel. Well-known for their dishes like thalai mamsa (mutton head), paya soup (mutton trotter soup), or kheema ball curry (mutton mince ball curry) — if these aren’t your cup of tea, try their mutton or chicken pulao. Everything is freshly made and will leave you wanting more.

These were our top five recommendations for things to do in Jayanagar. If you’re not in the area but want to head there NOW, just #TummocIt! You can find the best routes using public transport, book your passes for a BMTC bus online, or plan your end-to-end commute route. 

Also, don’t forget that you can now get your daily, weekly AND monthly passes for any BMTC bus online, hassle-free on Tummoc, Bangalore’s favourite BMTC public transport app.

Happy exploring! 

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