5 Reasons to Use Tummoc in Bengaluru

Why to Use Tummoc in Bengaluru
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If you’re familiar with Bengaluru, then you’re well aware of its pleasant weather, thriving breweries, and aromatic filter coffee. However, one aspect for which Bengaluru has always been renowned is its notorious traffic, which often leads to hours of frustration. But guess what? We’re here to solve all your commuting woes!

Tummoc — your ultimate commute app and daily trip planner — is made to make your commute in Bengaluru a breeze. With Tummoc, you can easily travel through the city and reach your destination hassle-free. Want to know how? Keep reading.

  1. BMTC Passes: If you’ve been in Bengaluru for some time, you’re probably familiar with the Tummoc. With Tummoc, you can conveniently book your BMTC passes through the app. Whether you need a daily, weekly, or monthly pass, Tummoc has got you covered. 
  2. Bike Taxis and Autos: Planning your journey but the bus stop or metro station seems too far away? No worries! WithTummoc you can easily book a bike taxi online. Hop on and swiftly reach the nearest bus stop or even travel directly to your destination. Quick and convenient! 
  3. Cab Booking: We understand that Bengaluru’s rain showers can be troublesome. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination soaking wet. To avoid such issues you can now book a Quick Ride cab through the Tummoc app. Travel comfortably and without worrying about the rains. 
  4. Plan Your Daily Travel: You can use Tummoc to plan your journey from start to finish, making the most of multiple modes or the modes of your choice. Tummoc is the only app you need to use to travel in Bengaluru.  
  5. Cashback and Referrals: Here comes the best part! We are always running cashback offers on our different features. You can also refer your friends and earn rewards. Save even more on your daily travel by making the most of these rewards!

Travelling in Bengaluru might seem overwhelming at first, but worry not. With Tummoc, you can commute comfortably and effortlessly, leaving all your troubles behind. So, embrace the convenience and make your daily commute in Bengaluru a delightful experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book autos and bikes on Tummoc?
The process is pretty simple. You can read this blog to find out more.

What else can I do on Tummoc?
At the moment, you can choose between autos, bike taxis and cabs for private rides on Tummoc. Not to forget, you can book your monthly, weekly and daily BMTC passes on Tummoc

What options do I have for booking private rides on Tummoc?
At the moment, you can either book a cab, bike taxi or an auto on Tummoc.

If you aren’t already using Tummoc, join the smart commute revolution and download it here! 

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